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Leave, Sick Time for Personal or Immediate Family Illness - Non-Exempt Staff


Benefits eligible non-exempt staff

Policy Statement

Each fiscal year, all active benefits eligible non-exempt staff employees are credited with six paid sick days (pro-rated in the case of eligible part-time staff employees) that may be taken during the fiscal year. These six days may be used for personal illness, or to care for an ill/injured child, spouse/same-sex domestic partner, or parent.

Eligible employees hired on or after the beginning of the fiscal year will accrue one day of sick pay every three months for personal or family illness (pro-rated in the case of eligible part-time employees), which may be taken by the end of the fiscal year. At the beginning of the next fiscal year, they will be credited with six new sick days (pro-rated in the case of eligible part-time staff employees) that may be taken during that fiscal year. Eligible employees who are on leave when a new fiscal year commences (i.e., on July 1) do not accrue any new annual entitlement to sick time until they return from leave.

Eligible employees who do not use all of their allowed sick days during a fiscal year will receive a sick pay bonus in July of the next fiscal year. The sick pay bonus is one-half of the sick pay allowance that was unused. To be eligible for sick pay bonus, the individual must have been actively employed for the entire fiscal year prior to the bonus pay date. For new hires where the hiring date was on or after the beginning of the fiscal year, no sick pay bonus will be allowed for unused sick time that accrued through the first June 30th of employment. Unused sick time will not be paid out upon separation from employment regardless of the reason for termination or who initiates the termination.

Eligible employees who have exhausted their full annual allotment of paid sick days (i.e., six days or pro-rated portion for new hires and eligible part-time employees) may take additional sick days at a reduced rate, at approximately two-thirds full pay. These days may be used for personal or family illness/injury of a child, spouse/same-sex domestic partner, or parent.

See the New York State Disability Benefits and the Syracuse University Disability Benefits Plan for eligible non-exempt employee personal illness policies. Absences of more than three consecutive days due to personal or family illness may be covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if eligible.

All staff employees remain subject to University policies relating to time away from work and absenteeism. The University has discretion to determine, based on individual circumstances and the needs of a particular work area, whether absences are excessive and constitute abuse of University policies. Excessive absenteeism and/or abuse of University policies may result in discipline, up to and including discharge. The University reserves the right to interpret its sick time policies and to amend, modify, or terminate those policies at any time.

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Date: April 2005

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