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Air Emission Source Regulatory Applicability Determination



Policy Statement

As facilities are acquired, renovated, constructed, or as air emission sources are added, changed, deleted, etc. to an air emission exhaust system, an air emission source regulatory applicability determination must be performed to ensure compliance with NYS and federal air emission regulations. Examples of air emission sources are: fume hoods and canopies, exhausted laboratory equipment, paint booths, emergency power generators and boilers, kitchen/food preparation equipment, art and wood working equipment, laundry dryers, animal housing ventilation, maintenance related equipment exhaust, etc.

The Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction must be notified, for approval, prior to construction and prior to exhaust system connection, of any new emission source or any modification or change in status of an existing emission source on University owned or operated property. It is the responsibility of the Office of Campus Planning, Design and construction to inform the Environmental Health Office (EHO) of each new, modified, or removed air emission source and to assist EHO in maintaining an accurate University air emission source inventory. EHO will perform an air emission source regulatory applicability determination of each source to ensure that a review of applicable regulations takes place and that source exemptions or permit (as necessary) are secured. EHO will maintain records of each emission source applicability determination and any permits or registrations which are required.

It is the responsibility of each individual department to ensure that their emission sources and associated records (as applicable) are maintained in compliance with applicable NYS and federal air emission regulations, permits, registrations, and exemptions.

Policy Administration

Date: September 2006

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