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Microbiological Safety Program


Faculty, staff, and students

Policy Statement

To protect individuals from the risks associated with the intentional use, storage, and handling of microorganisms and to ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service; Possession, Use, and Transfer of Select Agents; Final Rule (42 CFR Part 72), and the National Institutes of Health “Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules”, all University personnel in possession of stocks or cultures of microorganisms or recombinant DNA molecules must comply with the requirements of the Syracuse University Microbiological Safety Program.

Principal Investigators and laboratory supervisors are required to provide the Microbiological Safety Committee with information regarding the possession and use of microorganisms on University owned or operated property. Possession and use information must be updated as changes occur and on an annual basis regardless of change.

All individuals on University owned or operated properties who wish to possess human pathogens must obtain prior approval from the Microbiological Safety Committee and ensure that the research with human pathogens is conducted in a manner that complies with applicable federal, state and local regulations, as well as the requirements of the Microbiological Safety Program.

At no time may any individual take possession or transfer a CDC or USDA listed “Select Agent” without prior approval from the Microbiological Safety Committee. A list of Select Agents is provided in the Syracuse University Microbiological Safety Program

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Date: September 2005

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