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Events on University Property


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Policy Statement

Event Authorization

  1. All requests to hold events on the Syracuse University campus or on property controlled, operated, or owned by the University must be sponsored by a Syracuse University administrative or academic department or a recognized student organization. Requests for events must be submitted in writing for approval by Student Centers and Programming Services, Schine Student Center, in advance of the event. Requests for events to be held in residence halls should be submitted initially to the specific residence hall director.

  2. Syracuse University does not register or supervise events held by individuals, groups, or organizations off campus or in locations or facilities other than those described above.

  3. The University reserves the right to establish the location of an event, limit the duration, mandate levels of services to be present in the form of security, custodial, and other support staff, and establish other conditions with respect to the use of University property. Syracuse University also reserves the right to reassign the event, if necessary, at its discretion.

  4. Events are considered scheduled only when the Student Centers and Programming Services confirms an event in writing to the individual, group, or organization sponsoring the event.

Compliance/Campus Disruption

  1. All events will be held in compliance with the Syracuse University Policy on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Tobacco, other applicable University policies, and New York State law.

  2. Individuals, members of groups, and organizations holding functions on property controlled, operated, or owned by the University and their guests are expected to conform to the Code of Student Conduct.

  3. Any person(s), while on University-owned or -controlled premises, who willfully refuse the request or command of an authorized University official to desist in any prohibited conduct, may be ejected from such premises and subjected to appropriate disciplinary action.

  4. Individuals, groups, and organizations holding events on Syracuse University property shall be solely responsible for the conduct of the event in accordance with all conditions established by the University and for the matter presented at the event. However, the University reserves the right to terminate its consent to the use of its property if the event incites or is likely to lead to violence or danger to person or property, advocates violence, breaking the law, or the overthrow of government, or otherwise violates or imminently threatens to violate the law or rights of others.

Advertising, Solicitation/Fundraising

  1. The posting of notices and signs for and during an event is subject to the regulations of the facility(ies) in question. In the case of outdoor posting on campus and/or posting during an outdoor event, the postings must comply with Student Centers and Programming Services guidelines.

  2. Solicitations and other activities engaged in for personal financial gain or profit are prohibited. Fundraising for charitable groups must be approved by the Student Centers and Programming Services, Schine Student Center.

Event Safety/Permits

  1. Any department or group planning or sponsoring a special event in/on University property will notify the Environmental Health and Safety Services Office three weeks prior to the event. The Environmental Health and Safety Services Office will conduct a special event review that will encompass all aspects of the event including, but not limited to, proper insurance coverage, staffing, egress, occupant capacity, sanitation, fire prevention, proper electrical practices, and permits. In addition:

  2. The use of any public assembly space, as defined by New York State, may require Environmental Health and Safety Services Office staffing. Staffing levels will depend on the venue, time, date, estimated capacity, and nature of the event.

  3. Any University department or group requesting equipment including, but not limited to the following, will contact the Environmental Health and Safety Services Office three weeks prior to the event to secure the necessary permits:

    • Tents
    • Inflatable games
    • Portable generators
    • Portable restrooms
    • Portable propane devices (e.g. grills, tent heaters)

    The permit is to confirm that all laws and regulations pertaining to such equipment will be followed. Such regulations include, but are not limited to, proper insurance, set-up requirements, electrical requirements, placement, fire safety, sanitation, and exiting. The requesting University department or group will be responsible for any City of Syracuse fees that may be associated with certain permits.


Any group having an outside party assist in or be part of the event must provide Risk Management with a certificate of insurance from the outside party three weeks prior to the event. Such outside parties include, but are not limited to, bands, performers, artists, speakers, tent suppliers and vendors. The insurance must meet the insurance requirements of the University or secure a special events insurance policy (TULIP) that provides the required levels of coverage to use a University facility.

Food and Beverage Service

All food and beverages at events on University property are to be provided by Syracuse University Catering Services in compliance with New York State law, the Onondaga County Health Department regulations, and the Syracuse University Policy on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Tobacco. Further details and exceptions can be found in the University Food Services Policy.

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Date: September 2006
Amended: 10/08/13

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